Nestled in Da Lat’s southeast, Cau Dat unveils a century of history, evolving from Dr. Yersin’s 1896 exploration to becoming Southeast Asia’s oldest operational tea factory. Renowned for its Arabica haven amidst Vietnam’s Central Highlands, Cau Dat’s 1,500-hectare domain produces exceptional coffee, marked by unique flavors and aromatic richness. With meticulous quality control, Cau Dat Coffee pioneers specialty coffee, securing a spot in global supply chains, such as Starbucks. This journey through time and flavor showcases Cau Dat’s commitment to excellence and its pivotal role in advancing Vietnam’s diverse and thriving coffee legacy.

Discovering Cau Dat: A Centenary Legacy

Unveiling the Geographic Marvel of Cau Dat

Nestled in the southeast of Da Lat city, Cau Dat tea hill spans 230 hectares at an altitude of 1650m, offering a serene escape along the way to Trai Mat station, Linh Phuoc pagoda.


Cau Dat Coffee Origin: A Hidden Arabica Paradise

While Vietnam excels as the second-largest global Robusta producer, the lesser-known gem, Cau Dat – Da Lat (Lam Dong), stands as an Arabica paradise amidst the Central Highlands. Renowned for its picturesque landscapes, favorable climate, and world-class Arabica, Cau Dat beckons coffee enthusiasts on an enthralling journey.


Tracing the Trade Centenarian: A Tapestry of History

Cau Dat boasts Southeast Asia’s oldest operational tea factory, its machinery, a historical testament imported from Europe. Delving into history, Dr. Alexandre Yersin’s exploration in 1896 laid the foundation, evolving into the establishment of Cau Dat Farm in 1927.


The Transformative Decades: From Experimentation to Equitization

From Yersin’s experiments in 1915 to Cau Dat Farm’s official inception in 1927, the journey continued through wartime challenges, ownership changes in 1960, and post-war stability in 1975. Equitization in 2005 transformed it into Cau Dat Tea Joint Stock Company, with a rejuvenating wind in 2015.


The Arabica Haven: Cau Dat’s Natural Advantage

Imported in the 1930s, Arabica found its haven in Cau Dat – Da Lat, earning global recognition. Situated at 1,500m with a temperate climate, Lam Dong province emerges as Vietnam’s Arabica paradise, cultivating renowned varieties like Typica, Bourbon, Mocha, and Catimor.

The Unmatched Flavor of Cau Dat Arabica

Cau Dat’s Arabica, characterized by a sour note, slight bitterness, and a transparent amber tint, captivates with aromas of syrup, fruit, honey, and toast. Known for its exquisite scent, it stands as a hallmark, winning hearts globally, even securing a spot in Starbucks’ supply chain.


Golden Advantages of Cau Dat – Da Lat

Encompassing 1,500 hectares, Cau Dat dominates 86% of the local agricultural land, with coffee cultivation covering 98%. Robust Arabica cultivars, resilient to pests and diseases, yield 10-18 tons of fresh coffee per hectare, exceeding production in other crops.

Crafting Cau Dat Coffee: A Commitment to Excellence

Cau Dat Farm, a bastion of quality, integrates rigorous quality control, ensuring a consistent and delightful coffee experience. The farm, proud of its access to Vietnam’s finest ingredients, focuses on delivering premium coffee products, meeting the discerning tastes of coffee enthusiasts nationwide.


Pioneering Specialty Coffee: Cau Dat’s Mission

In the competitive coffee landscape, Cau Dat Coffee spearheads the mission to develop specialty coffee. The evolving market necessitates a shift in perspective for businesses and coffee growers, emphasizing quality in production, processing, and innovation.

Empowering Vietnam’s Coffee Legacy

Vietnam holds a treasure trove of coffee diversity, beckoning attention to specialty coffee. Enhancing raw collection, refining processing quality, and promoting pure roasted coffee consumption become pivotal steps in safeguarding and advancing the nation’s thriving coffee industry.


Cau Dat FAQs

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Embark on a journey through Cau Dat’s rich history, explore its Arabica haven, and savor the unmatched flavors that have made it a global coffee destination.

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