Arabica Coffee Beans in Vietnam: An Overview

Varieties of Arabica Coffee in Vietnam:

Vietnam boasts a diverse range of Arabica coffee beans, with prominent varieties including Bourbon, Typica, Mocha (Moka), and Catimor. Each variety brings distinct flavors and characteristics to the Vietnamese coffee landscape. While Bourbon, Typica, and Mocha are considered the oldest coffee types globally, the hardier Catimor, a hybrid of Caturra and Timor, excels in resilience, high yield, and resistance to pests. These beans flourish in Lam Dong province’s elevated regions, notably Di Linh, Bao Loc, Don Duong, and the suburbs of Da Lat, including the renowned Cau Dat area.

Arabica Varieties:

  1. Bourbon
  2. Typica
  3. Mocha (Moka)
  4. Catimor


Sizes of Arabica Coffee Beans:

Arabica coffee beans in Vietnam come in various sizes, categorized by screen size, indicating the beans’ dimensions. Common screen sizes include:

  • Screen 15: Large beans
  • Screen 16: Extra Large beans
  • Screen 17: Peaberry beans (small, round-shaped)
  • Screen 18: Extra Peaberry beans

Specific sizing may vary based on the grading system employed by coffee producers and exporters.


Preferred Soil Types for Arabica Growth:

Arabica coffee plants thrive in specific soil conditions, favoring:

  • Volcanic Soil: Rich in minerals and nutrients, facilitating optimal growth and flavor development.
  • Fertile Loamy Soil: A balanced mix of sand, silt, and clay for good aeration, drainage, and nutrient retention.

Additionally, Arabica coffee prefers high-altitude regions, typically between 2,000 to 6,000 feet (600 to 1,800 meters) above sea level. Areas like Lam Dong province, particularly the Central Highlands (Da Lat), offer the necessary conditions for Arabica cultivation, including cool temperatures, consistent rainfall, and volcanic soil.


Arabica Coffee Beans and Regions in Vietnam:

  1. Typica: Thrives in Di Linh, Bao Loc, Don Duong, and the suburbs of Da Lat, especially the Cau Dat area.
  2. Bourbon: Flourishes in high-altitude areas like Cau Dat – Da Lat in Lam Dong province.
  3. Catimor: Known for adaptability and disease resistance, found in regions like Cau Dat – Da Lat.

These Arabica varieties contribute to Vietnam’s rich coffee production, showcasing the country’s commitment to quality and diversity in the coffee industry.


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