At GAEA, we pride ourselves on being a dedicated coffee company with a deep-rooted specialization in sourcing the finest green coffee beans from Vietnam. Our extensive network encompasses farmers, suppliers, and processing companies spanning the entire country. Our supplier and quality control management system is seamlessly integrated, ensuring a streamlined process. We constantly strive to expand our horizons by identifying and engaging with smaller communities and directly collaborating with local farmers, in addition to our collaboration with existing suppliers. Embracing fair trade and organic principles, we are committed to enhancing our sourcing practices.


In addition to our core production capabilities, we offer comprehensive roasting services tailored to specific products, including ground coffee and instant options.


Our proficient sourcing team excels not only in fulfilling our regular internal requirements but also in catering to specific external demands. This supplementary service complements our core offerings. You have the option to explore our existing best-selling and primary export product catalog. If you have specific requests such as premium-grade or Vietnamese Arabica beans, our team is readily available to assist.


While our central focus remains on agricultural products, notably green coffee beans, cacao, rice, and an array of spices, fruits, and marine foods, our expertise extends far beyond. Drawing upon our extensive local insights and experience within Vietnam, we are well-equipped to diversify our sourcing capabilities across various sectors. Our global reach spans continents, underscoring our unwavering commitment to facilitating international trade.

For tailor-made sourcing solutions, we invite you to connect with our specialized sourcing department.

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Resellers & suppliers


Are you ready to be an instrumental part of our growth narrative, spanning the green coffee bean, coffee products, and hotel services sectors? With GAEA, becoming a reseller means becoming a conduit for remarkable coffee experiences, both for businesses and consumers. Embrace the chance to showcase our premium offerings and dedicated support, all in the pursuit of delivering satisfaction.


Why Partner With Us:

Access to Premium Range: Gain entry to a spectrum of top-tier resources, from green coffee beans to a diverse coffee product line, along with top-notch hotel services.
Advantageous Pricing: Secure competitive pricing and bulk discounts tailor-made for lucrative reselling prospects.
Marketing Synergy: Leverage our marketing materials and assistance to promote products with utmost effectiveness.
Diverse Product Offerings: Expand your product horizons to cater to the thriving coffee and hospitality market.
Endorsement by GAEA: Forge a partnership backed by GAEA’s industry reputation, strengthening your credibility.


Join Us as a Reseller:

If the prospect of being an integral part of the coffee and hospitality realm entices you, seize this opportunity to become a reseller alongside GAEA. Apply now and unite with us in our unwavering commitment to quality and excellence.


Ready to be a crucial link in the coffee supply chain by offering a comprehensive range of products? Partner with us as a supplier in the green coffee bean, coffee products, hotel services, related equipment, espresso/coffee machines, food and beverage upselling and cross-selling items, accessories, and hotel amenities industry with GAEA. Your diverse offerings will contribute to delivering outstanding coffee experiences, along with complete solutions, to our customers and clients.


Why Partner With Us:

Wide Network Access: Reach a broad audience of coffee and hospitality clients actively seeking an array of products and solutions.
Business Growth Opportunities: Benefit from avenues for business expansion and amplified visibility through our well-established distribution channels.
Collaborative Prestige: Collaborate with GAEA, a renowned and trusted name in the industry, elevating your brand’s reputation.
Targeted Exposure: Showcase your diverse array of products to a focused and passionate audience deeply involved in the coffee and hospitality sector.


Join Us as a Supplier:

If you are poised to supply good products, equipment, accessories, and amenities to a thriving market, seize the opportunity and apply now to become a valued supplier with GAEA. Be an integral part of our journey, dedicated to delivering excellence and complete solutions to coffee and hospitality enthusiasts.