Robusta: Vietnam Sourcing

Exploring Vietnamese Robusta Coffee Varieties

Discover the Bold Flavors of Vietnam’s Robusta Coffee Beans:

Chari (Conilon)
• Flavor Profile: Bold and intense
• Usage: Ideal for espresso blends, contributes to a strong and rich coffee profile

Dak Lak Robusta
• Flavor Profile: Full-bodied with earthy and chocolatey notes
• Origin: Dak Lak province in the Central Highlands, a major producer of Robusta coffee.

Santos (Saigon)
• Flavor Profile: Deep and bitter
• Association: Often linked with Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City)
• Traditional Use: Commonly used in Vietnamese coffee preparations like cà phê sữa đá.

Buon Ma Thuot
• Flavor Profile: Strong and bold
• Origin: Central Highlands, renowned for its Robusta coffee production.

Gia Lai Robusta
• Flavor Profile: Robust flavor profile
• Origin: Gia Lai province, contributing significantly to Vietnam’s coffee production.

These distinct Robusta coffee varieties from different Vietnamese regions cater to diverse coffee preferences, making them suitable for various applications.


Robusta Coffee Bean Sizes

Understanding the Screen Sizes of Vietnamese Robusta Coffee Beans

Robusta coffee beans in Vietnam are categorized by their screen size, providing insight into their dimensions.

Common screen sizes include:

Screen 13: Large beans
Screen 16: Extra Large beans
Screen 18: Peaberry beans (small, round-shaped)

Specific sizing may vary, depending on the grading system employed by coffee producers and exporters.


Preferred Soil Types for Robusta Coffee Plants

Cultivating Robusta Beans in the Ideal Soil Conditions

Robusta coffee plants in Vietnam thrive in specific soil conditions, contributing to optimal growth.

Preferred soil types include:

Lateritic Soil:

Common in the Central Highlands, rich in iron and aluminum oxides.
Provides essential nutrients for robust plant development.

Well-Draining Soil:

Ensures proper aeration for the roots.
Prevalent in the Central Highlands regions.


Typically grown at lower altitudes (0 to 600 meters) compared to Arabica.
Lower altitude conditions contribute to distinct flavor characteristics.

The Central Highlands, encompassing provinces like Dak Lak and Gia Lai, stand out as key regions for cultivating Robusta coffee, offering the ideal soil types and altitudes for robust plant growth.


Robusta Coffee Beans in Vietnam

Contributing to Vietnam’s Robust Coffee Production

Growing Regions: Central Highlands, including provinces like Dak Lak and Gia Lai.

These regions in Vietnam are renowned for their cultivation of Robusta coffee beans, playing a pivotal role in the country’s robust coffee production.

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