At GAEA, we pride ourselves on being a dedicated coffee company with a deep-rooted specialization in sourcing the finest green coffee beans from Vietnam. Our extensive network encompasses farmers, suppliers, and processing companies spanning the entire country. Our supplier and quality control management system is seamlessly integrated, ensuring a streamlined process. We constantly strive to expand our horizons by identifying and engaging with smaller communities and directly collaborating with local farmers, in addition to our collaboration with existing suppliers. Embracing fair trade and organic principles, we are committed to enhancing our sourcing practices.


In addition to our core production capabilities, we offer comprehensive roasting services tailored to specific products, including ground coffee and instant options.


Our proficient sourcing team excels not only in fulfilling our regular internal requirements but also in catering to specific external demands. This supplementary service complements our core offerings. You have the option to explore our existing best-selling and primary export product catalog. If you have specific requests such as premium-grade or Vietnamese Arabica beans, our team is readily available to assist.


While our central focus remains on agricultural products, notably green coffee beans, cacao, rice, and an array of spices, fruits, and marine foods, our expertise extends far beyond. Drawing upon our extensive local insights and experience within Vietnam, we are well-equipped to diversify our sourcing capabilities across various sectors. Our global reach spans continents, underscoring our unwavering commitment to facilitating international trade.

For tailor-made sourcing solutions, we invite you to connect with our specialized sourcing department.

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As a complement to our gourmet range, GAEA Delicacies is tailored for connoisseurs. Drawing inspiration from traditional Italian Salumeria, we excel in curating delicacies, delights, and exquisite foreign wines. A “Salumeria” is an Italian term referring to a shop specializing in cured meats, deli products, cheeses, olives, and prepared foods – essentially an Italian deli or charcuterie shop. From kosher wines of Israel to caviar from Russia’s Caspian Sea, even to the traditional affettati “deli meats,” we invite you to explore a world of flavors.

Nurture culinary creativity,


From Russian Caspian Caviar to premium Salmon roe, every chef can elevate their culinary creations and unleash their creativity in the kitchen. Discover the exquisite sea treasures and flavor explosions in our caviar assortment. Whether you prefer traditional or contemporary, with these premium fish roe products, you’ll savor the genuine and distinct origins. Our assortment includes a wide range, from black to red caviar, and even vegetarian and vegan options as excellent alternatives.


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Wines with a distinctive style and taste,


Discover Israel’s Eastern Mediterranean wines, where viticulture has thrived for millennia. While rooted in Old World traditions, Israeli wines embrace the New World ethos. Despite its small size (similar to New Jersey), Israel boasts a dynamic winemaking landscape defined by diverse terroirs and microclimates. From cool high-altitude mountains to warm coastal plains and desert, the terroir is rich. In recent decades, innovative winemakers have reshaped Israel’s wine scene, experimenting with native grapes and advanced techniques to craft world-class wines that consistently excel on the global stage.


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Traditional cured meats,


Salumerias trace their origins back to the Middle Ages in Italy. Initially, they did not produce their meats but carefully curated selections from various purveyors. At GAEA, we appreciate a fine glass of wine and complement it with an array of cured meats, including sausage, salami, prosciutto, honey ham, and assorted cold cuts. The art of curing involves preserving and flavoring meat through salt, which enhances taste and extends shelf life by drawing out moisture. Explore our diverse range of meats, from Poultry and Beef to Horse, and discover our selection of Kosher options.


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