THE AMBER PELICAN is located in the middle of the 5 Pelican blend series. The color name is derived from the material also known as amber, which is commonly found in a range of yellow-orange-brown-red colors. It is considered the bridge between the West and the East. The Amber Pelican suits for traditional Vietnamese coffees, Coffee phin and can be used for Espresso based coffees. Not too strong, not too light, Ying and Yang are perfectly represented inside the Amber Pelican series. Try it yourself!


Roast level

The Amber Pelican is a delicious blend of robusta and arabica beans that delivers a full-bodied and smooth flavor. It has hints of dried fruit, winey acidity, and dark chocolate, creating a complex and satisfying taste. The coffee also has a cereal-like aroma and a molasses sweetness that lingers on the palate.

Dried fruit
Dark chocolate


The Amber Pelican coffee, a truly balanced coffee. Request samples!

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