“Vietnam, a country almost one with the Ocean”. Much like the ocean, The SEA GREEN PELICAN is incredibly calming. Nature can be a positive influence, which makes Sea Green an excellent fine Robusta blend. This blend will arm you with the fresh Vietnamese perspective you are looking for. Extracts beautifully for strong phin, the traditional Vietnamese style coffee, but also works well for filter coffee or French press. The Sea Green Pelican is a mind-blowing yet challenging blend.


Roast level

The Sea Green Pelican is a pure robusta bean that delivers a smooth and bold flavor. The coffee has notes of dark chocolate, roasted almond, and sugar cane, creating a nutty and sweet taste. The coffee also has a brown spice aroma and a smooth finish that complements the flavor.

Dark chocolate
Roasted almond
Sugar cane
Brown spice

Vietnamese style,

Indulge in the authentic Vietnamese style of Sea Green Pelican Coffee.

,,Explore Pelican Coffee’s array of five unique preset blends! We provide Pelican in both whole bean and ground options. In addition to our B2B kilo packs, Pelican is conveniently offered in 500g and 250g sizes, perfectly catering to consumer preferences.”