Bella Italia. “As Rome wasn’t built in a day”, searching took us time but the result is here. The RUBY PELICAN. It is the most gentle, the real Donna, amongst our Pelican coffees. It is no wonder because we use 100% Arabica from Vietnamese origin. The Ruby goes perfect for single type coffees such as Italian style Espresso, Lungo or use it for specialty preparation techniques such as drip or pour over. Discover Vietnamese Arabica beans together with Pelican. Bellissima.


Roast level

This arabica coffee has a refreshing green tea flavor that balances the passion fruit acidity and sweetness. The cereal notes add a rich and nutty body, while the caramel and molasses finish lingers on the palate. A delightful cup with light acidity and a sweet aftertaste for any occasion.

Green tea
Passion fruit

Italian style,

Don’t miss this chance – Indulge in the Bella Donna of our Pelican Coffee.

,,Explore Pelican Coffee’s array of five unique preset blends! We provide Pelican in both whole bean and ground options. In addition to our B2B kilo packs, Pelican is conveniently offered in 500g and 250g sizes, perfectly catering to consumer preferences.”