Welcome to Our Hotel Services

Welcome to our Hotel Services, where we are dedicated to delivering exceptional coffee products and solutions tailored to the hospitality industry. Whether it’s enhancing your restaurant, breakfast, or banquet coffee service, our GAEA, Pelican or Butler coffee selections are guaranteed to captivate your guests.


Tailored Solutions for Hospitality

Our hotel services are meticulously crafted to meet the unique demands of the hospitality sector. We offer a diverse range of coffee products seamlessly integrated with customized services. From subtle adjustments in roast levels to fulfilling specific product requests, our team ensures your coffee experience exceeds expectations. We accommodate tailor-made requirements, including dedicated teams or specialists for training and consistent calibration.

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Crafting Extraordinary Experiences

Collaborate with us to craft an extraordinary service experience that leaves an indelible impact. Our team comprises former hospitality professionals, offering a dual perspective from within the industry. Explore GAEA’s quality, versatility, and satisfaction, all seamlessly united within this unique destination.


Explore Our Comprehensive Services

1. Premium Coffee Supply: Elevate Your Coffee Offerings

Supply of Coffee Beans or Ground Coffee: Offer a variety of coffee beans or pre-ground coffee to meet guest preferences, including different blends, origins, or roast levels.
Custom Blending and Roasting: Create unique coffee blends tailored to your brand or guest preferences.


2. Equipment Solutions and Maintenance: Ensure Seamless Operations

Equipment Provision and Maintenance: Provide commercial-grade coffee brewing equipment such as espresso machines, coffee makers, and grinders, along with installation, maintenance, and repair services.


3. Expert Training Programs: Empower Your Staff

Training: Offer programs for hotel staff on coffee preparation, service, equipment operation, and quality standards.


4. Menu Development Support: Enhance Your Offerings

Menu Development: Assist in developing coffee menus, suggesting specialty drinks, seasonal offerings,
and pairing suggestions.


5. Branding, Marketing, and Logistics: Promote Your Coffee Experience

Branding and Marketing Support: Aid in promoting coffee offerings to guests through signage, promotional materials, and social media marketing.
Supply Chain Management: Handle logistics, sourcing, transporting, and storing coffee beans to ensure a consistent supply.


6. Quality Assurance and Sustainability: Ensure Excellence and Responsibility

Quality Assurance: Conduct quality control measures to ensure coffee meets specified standards for freshness, flavor, and consistency.
Sustainability Initiatives: Offer environmentally friendly options and guidance on sustainable practices in coffee production and consumption.


7. Dedicated Customer Support: Address Your Needs

Customer Support: Provide ongoing support to address any issues or concerns regarding coffee products or services provided to the hotel.
Enhance your hotel’s coffee experience with our comprehensive range of professional hospitality services. Contact us to learn more about how we can elevate your coffee service to new heights.

GAEA, Vietnam Sourcing & Manufacturing

Established in 2019, GAEA Vietnam Sourcing, a manufacturer and supplier, is your green coffee bean sourcing and export partner in Vietnam. We undoubtedly have the widest available assortment and are best updated on stock, prices, and the latest crops. We also manufacture and roast coffee under private or no label for brands across the hospitality, foodservice, and retail sectors, reflecting our B2B manufacturing. Our product range includes roasted whole beans and ground coffees. Read more information here: LINK.

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