At GAEA, our mission is to provide you with fresh, green coffee beans sourced from across Vietnam while also offering you the opportunity to discover the wide variety of coffees available. Our sample packs offer a diverse selection of Vietnamese green coffee beans, including robusta, arabica, and catimor varieties, allowing you to experience the unique flavors of different regions conveniently. We’ve done the research for your convenience, bringing together green coffee beans from distinct growing regions in Vietnam, making it easier than ever to explore the world of coffee. With one of the largest selections of green coffee beans from Vietnam, our sample packs cater to both coffee enthusiasts and professionals alike.



Experiment with a wide range of coffee varietals with our flexible sample packs. Whether you’re interested in exploring Indonesian coffees or venturing into the global coffee scene with our Around the World sample pack, we have something for everyone. Our sample packs make it easy to try new coffees and expand your palate. Please note that the coffees included may vary based on availability.


Bean: Robusta
Size: 14, 16, 18
Grade: 2
Ripe Cherry: 90%
Defect value: 0.6%
Processing: Natural
Country: Vietnam
Certification: Yes
Fair Trade Certified: No
Rainforest Alliance Certified: No
Decaffeinated: No


Our sampler pack features a curated selection of unroasted samples, providing you with an array of taste profiles to explore. Whether you’re a seasoned coffee connoisseur or new to the world of Vietnamese robusta and arabica coffees, our sample packs offer an exciting journey of discovery.

We provide different bag sizes ranging from 500g, 1kg, and 6kg options. Any other sizes are available upon request and discussed on a case-by-case basis. We are able to combine multiple sizes and types of green coffee beans per order according to any specific requests you may have.


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GAEA, Vietnam Sourcing

Established in 2021, GAEA GLOBAL., LLC, operating under GAEA Vietnam Sourcing, actively participates in the trading and export of green coffee beans. As a Vietnamese coffee trader, manufacturer, and supplier, we provide a diverse assortment of green coffee beans sourced from Vietnam’s beautiful agricultural landscape. Our product range includes roasted whole beans and ground coffees, along with OEM services.