In the dynamic landscape of Vietnam’s coffee export industry, GAEA emerges as a leading player, specializing in sourcing and exporting the finest green coffee beans. With a commitment to quality and reliability, GAEA offers a wide assortment of green coffee beans and provides accurate stock and crop data, making it the preferred local partner for discerning buyers worldwide. Leveraging Vietnam’s status as one of the largest exporters of green coffee beans, particularly robusta, GAEA navigates diverse export options, including bulk shipments, specialty coffee, fair trade, and organic-certified beans. The company also fosters direct trade partnerships and utilizes key export ports like Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong, Da Nang, and Vung Tau to efficiently facilitate shipments. With GAEA at the helm, Vietnam’s coffee export potential flourishes, offering a robust supply of high-quality green coffee beans to global markets.



Introducing GAEA

At GAEA, we specialize in providing sourcing and export services for green coffee beans, offering the widest assortment and the most accurate stock and crop data in the industry. As your trusted local partner in Vietnam, GAEA is committed to delivering unparalleled quality and reliability in every aspect of our services.


Vietnam’s Role in Global Coffee Exports

Vietnam stands as one of the world’s largest exporters of green coffee beans, primarily robusta coffee. While the exact percentage of Vietnam’s green coffee bean exports fluctuates annually, it consistently holds a significant share of the global market, alongside coffee powerhouses like Brazil and Colombia. For the most accurate insights into Vietnam’s export contributions, consulting recent trade data and industry reports is recommended.


Export Options in Vietnam

Vietnam offers diverse export options for green coffee beans to meet the varied needs of international buyers:

Bulk Shipments: Ideal for buyers requiring large volumes, bulk shipments provide cost-effective transportation of green coffee beans in containers or bulk vessels.

Specialty Coffee: Vietnam produces specialty Arabica and robusta beans, prized for their unique flavor profiles and meticulous processing methods, targeting niche markets and discerning coffee enthusiasts worldwide.

Fair Trade and Organic Certification: Vietnamese producers offer fair trade and organic-certified green coffee beans, meeting stringent social, environmental, and labor standards, appealing to markets emphasizing ethical and sustainable sourcing practices.

Value-added Products: In addition to raw beans, Vietnam exports value-added products like roasted beans, ground coffee, and instant coffee, catering to diverse consumer preferences and expanding market reach.

Direct Trade Partnerships: Some Vietnamese producers establish direct trade partnerships with international buyers, ensuring quality control, traceability, and fair prices, bypassing traditional trading channels for mutually beneficial relationships.


Main Export Ports in Vietnam

Vietnam’s key export ports for green coffee beans include:

  • Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) Port: Serving as Vietnam’s commercial hub, Ho Chi Minh City Port is strategically located along the Saigon River, handling a significant portion of the country’s export cargo, including green coffee beans.
  • Hai Phong Port: Positioned in northern Vietnam, Hai Phong Port is a bustling hub for various commodities, offering convenient access to domestic and international markets, including green coffee bean exports.
  • Da Nang Port: Located in central Vietnam, Da Nang Port plays a crucial role in facilitating trade in the region, handling diverse cargo, including green coffee beans, and fostering maritime connections with other countries.
  • Vung Tau Port: Situated near Ho Chi Minh City on the southern coast, Vung Tau Port handles the export of green coffee beans and agricultural commodities, leveraging its strategic location and modern facilities to support Vietnam’s vibrant coffee export industry.




GAEA and Vietnam’s Coffee Export PotentialAt GAEA, we leverage Vietnam’s prominence in the global coffee market and the efficiency of its export infrastructure to deliver unmatched sourcing and export services for green coffee beans. With our comprehensive solutions and commitment to excellence, GAEA is your ideal partner for navigating Vietnam’s thriving coffee export landscape.

GAEA, Vietnam Sourcing & Manufacturing

Established in 2019, GAEA Vietnam Sourcing, a manufacturer and supplier, is your green coffee bean sourcing and export partner in Vietnam. We undoubtedly have the widest available assortment and are best updated on stock, prices, and the latest crops. We also manufacture and roast coffee under private or no label for brands across the hospitality, foodservice, and retail sectors, reflecting our B2B manufacturing. Our product range includes roasted whole beans and ground coffees. Read more information here: LINK.

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