Ruby Pelican: The Italian Jewel

As elegant as Bella Italia, the Ruby Pelican blend stands as the real Donna among our Pelican coffees, offering a gentle and refined experience. Made from 100% Vietnamese Arabica beans, this blend is perfect for Italian style Espresso, Lungo, or specialty preparation techniques such as drip or pour over.


Tasting Notes: Ruby Pelican

The Ruby Pelican blend, crafted from Vietnamese Arabica beans, offers a refreshing green tea flavor that balances passion fruit acidity and sweetness. With notes of cereal, caramel, and molasses, this blend presents a delightful cup with light acidity and a sweet aftertaste, perfect for any occasion.

Green tea
Passion fruit



500Gr 300,000 VND (12.61 USD)
250Gr 160,000 VND (6.72 USD)



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