GAEA Argento Nero – The Modern Elegance
Silver’s radiant white hue has been a symbol of value for ages, and similarly, GAEA Argento represents a contemporary standout with a touch of the ancient. Featuring dark-roasted Brazilian and Ethiopian Arabicas, it captures the essence of modernity with a hint of strength. While silver may tarnish, GAEA Argento’s brilliance is effortlessly revived, embodying resilience. Bridging heaven and earth, its character is a blend of “Intenso” and “Leggero.” Choose between ‘Nero or “Bianca” and witness a metamorphosis in every cup, FANTASTICO!

Content Altitude Region
Arabica 50% 1650 – 1850 m Region 1
Arabica 50% 800 m Region 2

Young peach
Yellow raisins
Milk chocolate


  • Arabica Brazil
  • Arabica Ethiopia
  • Arabica Vietnam

In summary, GAEA Oro Rosso, Giallo, or Argento – each offers a unique appearance and set of characteristics. This lets you choose the precious metal color that aligns best with your coffee preferences and preparation style, whether professional or at home. “Nero” and “Bianca” differentiates itself through the blend and roast, rendering Nero ideal for plain coffees, while Bianca shines in milky-based drinks.

GAEA Argento,

Bridging heaven and earth, “Mama mia!”

,,Explore the richness of GAEA ORO Rosso, Giallo, and Argento blends. GAEA is exclusively available in whole beans. Additionally, our GAEA ORO blends are conveniently offered in 500g and 250g sizes, catering perfectly to consumer preferences, alongside our B2B kilo packs.”